Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Jurl and Her Pot Head

Last night Jason Castro was put out of his American Idol misery when he was voted off the commune. Before finding out his fate he was forced to participate in a little viewer Q & A. When asked what's been the hardest part of A.I., Jason responded, "Uh...uh.....uh....dead brain...." Yes indeed, Jason, you have a dead brain. But you're cute as hell so I'll miss you anyway. Please see the picture below of a shirtless JC partying with a smoking, pregnant teen.

Who would have thought Syesha would have made it to the final three? She's like that friend you have that everyone agrees has a great voice, but in moments of clarity acknowledge she's just o.k. Still, she does have talent even if it's talent we've seen a thousand times before.

I finally figured out what it is about Scooter Archuleta's singing that drives me crazy.....he has a bad case of Yak Tongue. Yak Tongue is an irritating condition where the tongue is actually too large for the mouth in which it is anchored. Yak Tongue symptoms include: lisping, permanent congestion tones, and brain aneurysms in others.

David Cook. I feel like he should win, yet I also feel like he is becoming my nemesis. I predict Cook will win and go on to battle me for control of the Universe.

I'm so ready for this to be over.


ATLGAL said...

WHERE did you get that HOOOOTTTTTT photo of shirtless JC Dreadz? I am troubled by the smoking pregnant teen, I hope the wee one doesn't belong to my dreadzy boy, he's just not ready for that...too much dead brain. But so very easy on the eyes. I will miss you, Dreadzy! Didn't you think he seemed relieved last night when he got the boot? Go David Cook!

Cjengo said...

Poor lil Jason Castro aka the next Jack Johnson. He seemed relieved to leave didn't he? I loved his comment of "Next week there would be three songs and I don't know what I would have done". Bye bye Jason we will miss you!
Go David Cook! If David A wins I am just going to jump off a cliff somewhere.

Claudia said...

He was totally relieved. It's hard to get good ganj at the American Idol hotel! =) Maybe the pregnant girl was a halloween costume? I saw lots of pregnant Britney Spears' this year.

jurl said...

Found that pic on the web. I'm sure some dear friend of his uploaded the second he got on the show. JC was completely relieved because he was no longer sure where he was. Jason needs to be surrounded by family and close friends to help him remember it's 2008 and he can't fly.