Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mad Fat Jurl

I was thoroughly enjoying Tim Gunn's Guide to Style on the Bravo Channel so much I wandered on to the show's website to look for Mr. Gunn's list of "ten must have items for any girl's closet" and stumbled on to the show's blogs. Below is an excerpt from "The Assistant's" blog (it's a dude).

Asinine Assistant:
I'm always suspicious when I see a skinny guy in a relationship with a big woman. Maybe you're madly in love ... sure. When I first saw JeAnne with her husband ("Chaz"), I'll admit I had some concerns. Generally speaking, these types of relationships raise a few questions in my mind. Is this just a way for the skinny guy to boost his self-esteem? Is Chaz happy now that she’s lost the weight or did he prefer when she was bigger? Ahh, the skinny man-big woman dynamic fascinates me so ... but would Chaz and JeAnne fall into the same trap? Simply put, no.
First, JeAnne has left her obese days far, far behind. Second, if I had to marry one of our participants this season, it would certainly be JeAnne. Hands down. Why? Probably the same reason Chaz fell in love with her ... she has an amazing personality. If there's one pleasant byproduct of obesity it's that like a lump of coal, the oppressive weight of social judgment can occasionally turn someone's inner spirit into a shining gem. That's exactly what happened here. JeAnne made a conscious decision to stay positive and it worked wonders. She could have easily taken the other route: a downward shame spiral that ends with bitterness and a job at the DMV. Lucky for JeAnne (and all of us), she chose the better path.

Where to begin? He's suspicious when he sees a skinny guy with a fat girl? Because he's the partner patrol? Yes, chubsters lie in wait for skinny guys then trap them in a sticky web of fat in order to save them for emergency food stores. He's got it all figured out.

But, wait, this fatty has a great personality! The lump of coal turned to diamond by the oppressive weight of social judgment. Heavy. (no pun intended) Yes, Biguns are always jolly- like Santas for every season.

But, thank God this woman lost some weight so she didn't have to work at the DMV because fat people can only work at the DMV. And maybe Denny's. You see, although fatties are jolly they aren't successful.

I'm sure this poor woman is thrilled that Super Nerd would pick her over any one else on the show b/c of her great personality. A pointy, pencil headed guy like The Assistant is risking getting stuck in a fat crease and suffocating so I really respect his courage. I'm so glad this skinny, geeky, son of a bitch has it all figured out.


Anonymous said...

What the hell are you talking about in this blog?

Damn jurl, you look bangin' today at work.

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ATLGAL said...

You know there was actually a kinda of tongue in cheek social commentary feature about this in Time Magazine a few months ago...

How's work? Dumb question? I was hoping you'd have lots of baby free time to blog from the office, so bring it, jurl! I know I spend much of MY work day online!

jurl said...

I had no idea anyone else had noticed the tragedy being perpetrated against chubby women by Tim Gunn's people! It's like I'm one with Time magazine.

Work is o.k b/c it's only day two and they don't expect much from me. Posted my first "at work" blog only moments ago.