Friday, March 7, 2008

What a Jurl Wants

I want:

to move more

to watch less T.V.

to read more

to judge less

to love more

to worry less about what you think of me

to commit to what's right....for me

to stop hiding

to feel pretty....inside

to be gracious

to waste less time

to learn stillness

to write more

to play more

to silence (at least ignore) the voice in my head that isn't really me

to say "I'm worthy" and mean it

to breathe deeply

to envy less

to know joy simply from Being

to appreciate more

to honor the spark of God inside myself

to honor the spark of God inside you

to stop lingering in the past...and drifting to the future

to be Present

to live....abundantly


Anonymous said...

Nice post. Are you reading A New Earth? If not, you may wanna try it.

Sua Sponte

jurl said...

You know I am. Blog on that coming soon.

Elle Woods said...

Love the new look!