Tuesday, April 15, 2008

VAG Jurl

In a couple of days I head to New Orleans with the women of my firm for our annual retreat, VAG. VAG stands for Voluntary Attorney Gathering (In North America). It's ladies only and anything goes. There's lots of eating, spa-ing, and a wee bit of drinking.

The last two years I've shared my hotel room with a good friend, but this year I'm going solo and, though I love my friends I shared with, I am beyond stoked to have a private moment to myself. I can't actually remember the last time Husband, Child #1, or Child #2 weren't around and I had complete privacy all to myself. Probably the few moments the nurses left me alone in the hospital after baby #2 was born.

I'm going to have three nights to go to the bathroom by myself (#1 and #2), to watch whatever I want on television, to stay up late because I won't be awoken at the crack ass of dawn by a hungry baby or a cartoon-begging kid, to pick my nose if I feel like it without worrying I'll encourage mini-me to do the same, to scratch my crotchus without worrying that Husband will find me less than sexy, and to sleep in the middle of the bed.

I may explode from anticipation of this trip. Privacy is such a rare commodity for moi that if no fun is had (impossible) I'll still be overjoyed with the heady delight of alone-ness.

Praise the Lord for VAG.


Mom to the Taveling Circus said...

Enjoy your ladies retreat. Peace and quiet? What is that? No interuptions while using the toilet, no waiting for everyone to go to sleep to enjor a hot bath with out someone saying "Mom!" or little fingers wiggling under the door, sounds blissful. Can you jurlnap me and take me with you, PLEEAASSE?!?!?! JK Have a fun and safe trip.

Mom to the Taveling Circus said...

that was supposed to be enjoy,

Mairi said...

I envy you!!! I just returned from vacation with Husband and kids and I am ready for one ALL by myself! I am begging my boss for a business trip!!!

a from a said...

don't go flashing your goodies on bourbon street!

ATLGAL said...

We never had VAG retreats when I was at D&E, I'm jealous! Have fun and laissez les bons temps roulez!