Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Breakdown Jurl

I think this New York news anchor must have had a bad morning with her toddler then on the way to do the news her husband chastised her for forgetting his vitamins on her furious trip to the grocery store during her lunch break. Oh, and I bet the baby puked on her shoes just before she left the house. Giving all this, her breakdown is completely understandable.

Sue from News 4 Cursing


ATLGAL said...

AND when she got to work three people looked at their watches when she walked in the door, AND she spilled her entire iced venti latte on the floor of her office (and partially on her clothes), AND she got a call from her hubby saying he was going to bring 5 colleague home for a drink tonight at 5:30, before the baseball game before she plans to get home, AND the house is a total wreck so now she has to run home during the lunch break she doesn't have time for and try to get the beds made and the tee-tee diaper off the windowsill in the baby's room and the dirty dishes at least into the dishwasher which is full and clean so everything will just be washed again. I am very sympathetic.

jurl said...

A husband bringing home last minute guests is grounds! A surprise tour of my home would reveal a pee or poop diaper left on the changing table, couple of diet coke cans on various end tables, pink cowboy boots in the hall, a bowl of cheerios and glass of milk left over from the morning attempt at forcing our daughter to eat breakfast, a dirty bottle here and there, dirty dishes in the sink, empty toilet paper roll (in both bathrooms), pile of dirty laundry in the laundry room, pile of Husband's clean laundry in the beroom because he lives out of a laundry basket, toys, toys, and more toys. Come to think of it, I don't even know why I come home.

ATLGAL said...

I think perhaps you toured my home recently based on that description. We, too, live out of laundry baskets- I placed 3 heaping baskets on the dresser in our bedroom just this morning. Maybe I'll get them unloaded by the end of month, or maybe we'll just wear everything by then and I can take the basket back down to the washer full of dirties.