Wednesday, May 28, 2008


After about four weeks of too much dark root showing, I finally got my hair highlighted and cut yesterday. I always love getting my hair done, but this time the shampoo was particularly relaxing. Javier gave such good head massage I felt as if we were having an intimate moment and by intimate I mean sexual. I even felt like I needed to make faces during to indicate my pleasure, both to compliment and encourage. Javier probably thought I was having a stroke, but I'm used to Husband that doesn't think it's working unless I'm having a seizure.

After all the soaping and massaging was done I definitely had a post-coital glow, but without all the sweat.

I almost asked Javier, "Was it good for you?" But then I realized that'd be like Husband asking me if I got a zing out of giving him a down under treat.

I was sad when I had to leave the shampoo chair and Javier's strong, soapy, hands.

Now, if Husband rubbed my head like Javier I might rub his head more, and by head I mean penis. TMI?

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ATLGAL said...

Speaking of -gasms, the one month no nookie experiment is over. Ended nearly a week early (had hubby had his way it would have ended after only 3 days), but it was for the best, really. Turns out that if there's no nookie, hubby is like a horny teenage boy looking for 3 hour long make-out and feel-up session every single night. (YES, while good TV is on!) And trying to end a make-out/feel-up session is not so easy- since there's no obvious destination nobody really knows how to stop it or when- it could (and did) go on for hours without resolution. And hubby complained of blue balls since, obviously, there was no means of relief (yes, hand jobs and masturbation were also off limits during this particular no nookie experiment-- we did not apply the Bill Clinton definition). Turns out I've learned that I'd much rather do the deed in a "get the job done" wham-bam than have a lingering high school style session even once a week. Make out sessions are, ultimately, (a) eternal, (b) boring, and (c) pointless at this stage. I swear, I don't know how I ever got excited by that back in the day. So I must say, I learned that the occasional nookie session, maybe twice a week, is actually waaaaay preferable to the apparent alternative in my house. Bring on the nookie! (well, on a conservative schedule, anyway...)