Thursday, May 29, 2008

Uh, This Jurl Doesn't Think She Can Dance

I'm trying to watch So You Think You Can Dance?, but I'm struggling. First of all, the judges. Nigel is the poor man's Simon. He's English and sometimes rude, but lacks Simon's funny, acerbic wit. Mary Murphy has lock jaw or something because when she talks her lips don't really move. Or something. Plus the third judge is a rotator.

And since when does being double jointed mean you're a good dancer? I may have hit a reality wall with this one. Part of my problem must be my inability to judge good dancing. When I think some one's great the judges act like they're not impressed. When I think some one's having a seizure, they love the way their body moves! Huh?

Last night I only so part of it (the rest is Tivoed-must see Dallas try outs), but wondered why High School Musical chick needs to be on this show. That hardly seems fair since she's already had some success and her mother is a choreographer!

And some of them get to go to Vegas right away while others have a second try out? Is that right? After watching this show I feel like I've been in math class. If one fey male in tights is spinning at 10 miles per hour as a leg warmer-clad theatre major leaps across the stage dramatically, how long till they collide in a tangle of blood, sweat, and tears?

Did I mention that listening to Mary Murphy makes my eye twitch?

I'm trying, but I miss Dancing with the Stars.....


Claudia said...

Don't give up on it, Jurl. Many of us loyal SYTYCD watchers skip the tryout shows for exactly the reasons you state. When someone is spastically convulsing and throwing themselves on the stage they like it?!? It baffles me. However, when they get down to the top 10, the show is phenomenal. TRUST!

ATLGAL said...

Agree, Claudia-- just like AmId, the tryouts are a bit of a beating. But once they get some really good dancers in there for the actual competition, it is unbelievable! And host Cat Deeley is absolutely adorable and makes Ryan Seacrest look like Quasimodo. I have a girl crush on her, her hair, her accent, her clothes, and her sunny disposition. Promise, once they start doing the choreographed routines you will LOVE it. Mary Murphy is a necessary evil, but once you see your first Wade Robson routine you will be HOOKED, I swear!