Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mimic Jurl

On the way to the Family Reunion my daughter threatened to punch something (a reasonable threat considering the five hour drive with the crazy old ladies in our car), but when my Mom asked where she got "punch" from I said, "Probably from some bully at school with classless parents."

Within the next half hour my mother pointed out two instances where I'd threatened to punch her in the head. Huh. Upon reflection, I realized perhaps, just perhaps, she got the punching thing from me.

Here are a few other words or phrases she's picked up or will shortly:

Knuckle head (as in, you knuckle heads are about to get it)
Butt hole
Crap, crap, crap
That sucks
Sucks rocks
You suck
Moe foe
I guess your father didn't see the milk and cheerios all over the floor.
Why do I have to do everything around here.
You're driving me nuts/crazy!
I kinda want to throw you through the ceiling.
Men are almost useless.
Men are completely useless.
Who stinks? [sniff, sniff]
Whoo! I'm gassy!
I'm constipated.
I can't believe that just came out of me.
Momma's about to lose it!
Can I be alone for five freaking seconds!
Somebody kill me.
Keep it up, just keep it up.
Why me, Jesus, why me?
I. Swear. To. The. Lord. (insert one of the above phrases)
I mean it....
That's it!


Beverly said...

Well at least your comments are G rated. I am waiting for my 4 year old to drop "ye ole F bomb" infront of my parents!

Claudia said...

LOL... I have a budding little parrot of my own too. Things are about to get interesting. =)

Amy said...


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