Sunday, August 31, 2008

Conservationist Jurl

Sam has become the water police. Within seconds of turning on a water faucet she materializes out of thin air by my side shouting, "Turn off the water! You're a water hog!" It's crazy. Like she can't resist the mystical pull of running water.....she comes running from the furthest part of the house, drawn by the whoosh of the faucet going on, sometimes she even drags a chair over, turns the water off herself, and says to me, "You're. A. Water. Hog." I stand there with a still-dirty dish in my hand as she hops off her soap box, er chair, and drags it back to its place without another glance in my direction. Until I turn the water back on in a fit of rage.

Yesterday I hit a mothering low-point when I finally yelled, "Shut-up! Shut-up about the water! I'm washing something in the sink! I don't want to hear about water hogs ever again!! Shut-up!"

Truthfully, I am a bit of a water hog, but she's driving me nuts. Don't worry, I got her back last night while she slept in my bed (Husband's in Austin). I farted on her. Twice.

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