Thursday, August 21, 2008

Musical Jurl

Day two without television for Sam (and limited for myself) went fabulously. The change in her behavior is unreal. I wish T.V. was good for her, but clearly it's not. Sob, sob, sob.

Last night we spent a fair amount of time dancing to the High School Musical soundtrack. Sam has a great routine to Fabulous and was really getting one together for Bet On It as I called bed time.

I heart the High School Musical (HSM) movies, but balk at those claiming it's this generation's Grease. Please. Grease was kind of dirty, with great songs, but only one good dancer, and actors in their thirties playing teens. HSM is so clean it squeaks, has cute songs, with cute actors in their teens or just out of them, and a ton of hot dancers. Grease is about a bad boy becoming a good boy for a good girl who becomses a bad girl. Oh, and then there's the drop-out, the drag racing, the car part stealing..... Grease had pre-marital sex, a teen pregnancy scare, and was all about getting laid. HSM is about a jock who likes to sing and a beautiful (read nerd) girl who also likes to sing. There really is no comparison, Grease is hard-core musical and HSM is soft-core musical. And I enjoy them both, but I really love Grease 2 because it blends the hard hitting penetration of Grease with the goofy teen romance of HSM.

Viva La Musicals!!

Now, that's a musical number. I wanna cooooool rider, a cool-cool-cool-cool rider! Me, too!! Except I'm scared of motorcyles...


Mom to the Traveling Circus said...

This is my all time favorite Grease/Grease 2 moment.

ATLGAL said...

Grease Two is the BEST. Much better than Grease. I own the soundtrack to G2 and find Louis Dimucci to be sexy. Let's do it for our country, Louis!

jurl said...

The red, white, and the blue. It's not a lot to ask of us, I parents would likey too.