Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Face Jurl

Move over Husband, there's a new love in town and its name is Facebook (FB). Oh, yeah, give me some face! Give it to me!

Uh..I'm o.k., now. Just got excited.

I used to think Facebook was just Myspace for old ass nerds, but then I realized I am an old ass nerd! Actually, I didn't really know what it was so I googled it and sat up a bare minimum page before I realized it was a networking site. I immediately abandoned the project because I have no net to work, but then my friend Broadway Baby, aka BB, wanted to be my FB friend! Of course I said yes, then forgot about it again. Until BB sent me a message that my FB page was sad and pathetic. Let me tell you, if BB says my page is sad and pathetic then it must be electronic poop. I got busy trying to fluff up my FB page, but I'm limited because computers are not my strength, but I tried.

I still didn't get the FB point other than time wasting, which is as good a reason as any, but I already waste an ass-load of time. But, when folks I know from past lives also asked to be my FB friend, then I started getting into it. And by getting into it I mean obsessed.

Now, I can log on to Facebook and see what my old friends are doing with very little effort on my part. And isn't that really why we lose touch with people? Because it's time consuming to make phone calls, type e-mails, write letters, send smoke signals...who can keep up?! Ah, but on FB you can update all your people on your life with one little FB blurb. Love it!

How fabulous to reconnect with people that, for whatever reason, have fallen away from your world, but for who you still have great affection. Or maybe even people you don't have affection for, but you need to keep tabs on because their status as toilet bowl supervisor makes you feel superior. Hey,whatever floats your boats, I'm not judging.

So, if you're looking for a major time waste and wondering what this Facebook business is all about then follow my lead over to FB and find that old boyfriend who clumsily took your virginity or your best friend from sixth grade who told all the boys when you started your Margaret. Do it! Do it! Do it!

Or just hook up with the pals you see all the time because that's fun too. Trust, I am one of the least technological, Internet savvy people on the planet, but I've managed to master blogging and Facebook. It's a computer science miracle. If I can do it so can you, jurls. Oh, and don't worry about whether you'll have lots of FB friends, I don't have many at all. It's quality, not quantity. And I'll always be your jurlfriend, cyber or otherwise.


Beverly said...

I am on facebook too but only accidentally. I have been very busy there lately though without even realizing it. I have had several e-mails, game challenges and birthday wishes. I guess that is the new thing?!?!?! I have a very boring page too.

ATLGAL said...

OH HOW I LOVE FACEBOOK! It is better than e-mail, previously my favorite thing in the whole world. I cannot stop FB'ing. It causes fights with my hubby and I'm constantly having to reduce the size of my screen at work so I won't get caught in the act, but oh how I love it! And Jurl, you do need more pix on your FB page....If you post more pix I'll send you some flair!

jurl said...

Oh, snap! I'm on it because I want me some flair. now, do i post more pictures.....

amy said...

love my flair!!!

Holly Golightly said...

I just decided to redefine my relationship to Son and Daughter. I am no longer their mother, rather, I am their Toilet Bowl Supervisor.

ATLGAL said...

It is so damn hard to find time to fit in all my boring and un-enlightening work projects each day, what with jurlpower and jurlbytes to read and enjoy, facebook to monitor and love, target.com to hit up for necessities (and non-necessitite), amazon.com to check for reading material, and TMZ.com to check for celeb-reality news. I have a full time job with my daily online responsibilities, to be expected to actually perform tasks for clients is simply asking too much. Plus its boring as shit.

jurl said...

Beverly- don't neglect your Facebook. You can neglect your personl gooming, but not FB!

atlgal- i've been busted so many times at work picking out flair. You're also to blame for my flowering obsession.

Holly- me too. much more technical than lawyer.