Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Jurl On The Block

Oh, jurls. The New Kids are back. I'm kinda thinking they should have stayed where they were. Don't get me wrong, back in the day I loved me some NKOTB. I never had a poster or a pillow case with their faces on it, but I knew every word to "Please, Don't Go Girl" and "You Got It (The Right Stuff)." I may even have moved and grooved to their early 90s track, "Step by Step". Oh, yeah.

But, jurls, let me break it down for ya. Now that they're middle aged and we're middle aged.....they suck ass. I know because they performed on The View yesterday and stunk up the joint. Joey McIntyre sang lead on their new song with a crackling voice that made me wonder if he was just now hittin puberty. It was HORRIBLE. Donny Wahlberg did a kind of rappy-singy thing that wasn't terrible and he appeared to be the best dancer of the bunch. One of the dark headed ones also sang, and though he didn't make my ears bleed, he wasn't anything to write home about either. The other couple of spares appeared to be counting steps under their breath. For gosh sakes, guys! You were friggin NKOTB!

I guess I'm not exactly as spry as I was in the 1980s either, but you don't see me trying to make a come back. No, I'm hiding out, hoping the world will look the other way and I think Danny, Jonathan, Joey, Jordan, and Donnie should have done the same.

My question is, did they always suck ass???? Judge for yourself.

New song on The View:

Maybe he was nervous????

Back When They Were Not Embarrassing:

Ah, now that's more like it.


Anonymous said...

They must be out of money and that is why they are trying to come back. The obviously didn't practice in their time away. Funny though because some people are going crazy for them. What is up with that?? Don't these people hear how bad they sound? And, I don't know what we were thinking back in the day... they really aren't "hotties"- never were!

Beverly said...

no I think they always sucked. I was never the NKOTB type.

jurl said...

Anon- you know that's right! money and a deep-seated need for the spotlight have led them to a sad dsiplay of their no-talent selves. Bless them. and they were googy little bastards back in the day.

Beverly- You must have been into Tiffany, right? Color Me Bad? Boyz II Men?

K, L and M said...

GONG!!! where' my gong?!?!?! At least they had some fancy footwork going on..I think?!.:)

Holly Golightly said...

Thanks, Jurl. I needed that. I needed someone else's glaring inadequacy to put my own in perspective today. Compared to those clowns, I rock. So to speak.

ATLGAL said...

Saw NKOTB on the Today Show this morning- stopped getting ready so I could watch carefully. Pee-yew! NOT GOOD! They just look old and sort of pathetic now.