Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Black Magic Jurl

I have lost my mojo. I think along with the food has gone my sense of humor. What if I'm like Samson who lost his strength when that whore cut off his hair? What if I've lost my super human humor along with my comfort food? What if I go from super wit to super dork?

What if a certain co-worker puts the dork call out and I respond with, "Yes! I want to go to lunch and talk about respiratory disease!"

What if, suddenly, I find The Office boring and Kevin Smith too dirty! What if I lose interest in mindless entertainment all together?!

God help me if I start listening to round the clock NPR.

Well, if the next fart I come across doesn't make me laugh I'll know it's all over and the surgery has gone horribly, horribly wrong.


aae said...

misti. you are loved. sounds like a funk and i am sure it will pass. even if it does not, you are still loved with or without your mojo.

Jenny G said...

Jurl, step off the ledge.

You are not a dork. You made me laugh so hard Monday in the hall that I had tears in my eyes. And that does not happen to me often.

And, there are enough of us who love you that we will tell you to check yourself if you start tiptoe-ing through haystacks or talking about respiratory disease at lunch.

Claudia said...

Oh good god. you made me laugh even if you didn't intend to. There is a certain "dork" in my office who always wants to talk about the latest ruling that will change the face of the dust docket as we know it!!! God love him, but HE doesn't have a sense of humor and he doesn't realize people's eyes glaze over when he starts talking. So... in summary... please don't become that dork!

Kiki said...

1. I know what coworker you are talking about.
2. Clearly you think I am a dork. :)