Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Jurl

Now, I try to keep the political talk to a minimum here and though I've outed myself as a pinko liberal I have not campaigned for a particular candidate. And even now I will not delve into the politics of red or blue, but will tell you that today I am filled with joy and hope for our great nation because yesterday a man's color did not matter.

Even if you supported Senator McCain, who is a great American, I hope you can recognize the magnitude of this moment in our Country's history. Our past is plagued by the atrocities visited upon African-Americans and we as a people have often been bitterly divided by issues of race as well as gender.

We must also remember that it wasn't so long ago that African-Americans could not drink from the same water fountain as white folks, could not eat at the same lunch counter or go to the same schools. Those are hurts that may not heal, but we can try like hell to make sure new generations are not similarly injured and never has the promise of equality been more believable than right now on this day.

I believe racism still exists, but with the election of President-Elect Obama we are one giant step closer to living in a country where the color of your skin doesn't matter, where your private parts don't determine what you can or can't do, where your religion is your own private business, but doesn't determine your successes.

Please don't misunderstand me, I would never suggest voting for someone just because of their color, but Obama's victory means color just didn't matter which is something we should all be able to rejoice in.

I would be remiss to not also applaud Senator McCain's choosing of a female Vice Presidential candidate. Even if you did not agree with Governor Palin's politics, her candidacy is another sign that our country is breaking free of the chains of discrimination.

We still have road to travel, but today we are one giant step closer to the more perfect Union our founders intended. God Bless the United States of America, the red and the blue.

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Togehter we stand, my friends.

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Scout said...

Although McCain was my choice for president, I do acknowledge the magnitude of this election. As an American I will stand behind President-Elect Obama and be proud that I live in a country where all dreams are within reach, as long as we are not afaid to try.