Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hypocrite Jurl

The other day Sam came home with a new obnoxious saying. In response to anything Husband and I had to say she said, "Whatever." Man, we jumped on her like a duck on a junebug (how's that for showing some Arkansas?), telling her that "whatever" is disrespectful and would not be tolerated. I demanded to know where she got the smart-alec turn of phrase, but she claimed not to know. I just knew she picked it up from some other bratty kid.

Flash forward a few days. Sam and I were fussing about brushing her hair (as usual) when she promised me she'd let me brush it "in a minute." In an effort to get out of the whole stinking power struggle and diffuse what was sure to be an afternoon-killin argument, I said, "Whatever."

Sam immediately chastised me with, "That's a bad word. We're not supposed to say that word."

My bad. But I knew she got it from someone.

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M'si said...

I'm sorry. Hate it when that happens to me. That just proves that we are all human.