Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why Does Facebook Hate a Jurl?

Facebook has all these time-waste quizzes that I waste my time taking. Recently, the results of a few quizzes have cemented FB's hatred of me.

Quiz 1: Which Musical Charater Are You?
Result: The fat girl from Hairspray.
My Response: Up yours FB. You're ugly and ugly is forever.

Quiz 2: Which Movie Lawyer are You?
Result: Vinny from My Cousin Vinny.
My Response: Oh, yeah? Well, you're a little bitch.

Quiz 3: How Annoying Are You?
Result: Incredibly annoying.
My Response: Not as annoying as you!

FB and I may have to attend couples counseling.


Sarah and Chadd said...

I gave you a blog award.. go check out my blog!

M'si said...

That made me laugh. =) When are we having lunch?