Thursday, July 16, 2009

Too Long, Jurl, Too Long

You know you've been married too long when you attempt to wax your own catfish stache, but then chicken out and force your husband to rip off the two inch thick, hardened wax from your upper lip while he is trying to work out on his elliptical.

You know you've been a mom too long when your feral son goes nuts during a diaper change, getting poop on your blouse, and instead of changing clothes you just rinse it off with the vegetable sprayer.

This is my inner wife/mother....clinging to a branch for dear life, eyes wide with fear and confusion.


TJ said...

I'm really embarrassed you posted that picture of me without asking first.

suzanne said...

i heart you jurl! you never fail to articulate just what i want to say. by the way, it's almost my 10 year anniversary and i'm still planning to use the letter you gave your hubby. thanks!

Jurl said...

TJ- funny.

Suzanne- I heart you, too! Happy anniversary!

K, L and M said... glad you came out of retirement.:)

Tammy said...

My daughter pooed on my pants and I just wiped it off with a wet rag and then wore the pants the next day. I am only in 6 months.