Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Jurl

I love the Oscars so much you would think I was nominated. I love the dresses! I love the hot guys in tuxes! I love the skits and unexpected moments! I love the Oscars! I choke up with emotion every time a winner is announced even best short animated feature because some one's dream has just come true. Or maybe it's the fruition of dream coming true, but whatever it is I can feel their emotion right through the television and it moves me.

To me he Oscars represent excellence in the film industry and I know some haters think it's all politics and money fueled lobbying, but if you saw Natalie Portman in Black Swan you know she was excellent to the finest point of excellence. This year I managed to see seven of the ten best movie nominees, missing The Fighter, The King's Speech, and 127 Hours, and there was a lot of fine performances, directing, and writing. Special shout out to this year's porn-titled Winter's Bone-starts slow, but it. is. good.

So while others poo poo the idea of Hollywood richies giving themselves an award I take joy from someone exhibiting excellence and receiving approval from their peers. It there was an award show for best teachers in the country I'm sure I would watch that and weep right along with the winners.

Now for a word about out hosts of last nights show....James Franco and Anne Hathaway were not horrible. I think the dumping they're getting today is a unfair. Yes, Franco seemed bored and Anne had a little too much school girl giggle in her, but they didn't write, direct, and produce that show! They only had so much to work with, I mean Anne Hathaway is supremely talented and her singing ability was reduced to a quick hit song complaining that Hugh Jackman wouldn't sing with her. It was cute, but brief and you can do so much more with her. I think they were okay, it's a tough gig. And dragging Billy Crystal out of the closet who then drug Bob Hope out of the grave seemed unfair to the two 'youngsters". Who wants to be compared to the two greatest hosts in the middle of hosting? Uh, no one. Duh.

I thought the speeches were, for the most part, lovely. I thought it curious everyone kept dog piling on Melissa Leo's F bomb as if it was the most offensive thing to ever happen, I've seen more offensive red carpet fashion than that bleeped-out curse. Who cares? She was in the moment and it was real. She didn't mean to offend the tender, virgin ears of all those saintly celebrities. Please.

The director of the King's Speech made an odd comment about his triangle of man love with Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth which was fine except he then kind of, I thought, insulted Helena Bonham Carter with "sorry Helena, but that's the way it is" (I'm paraphrasing, but not by much). Her face said she thought the same thing though she was laughing at it. Brits.

Having not scene the King's Speech I can only assume it's greatness. I really want to see it, The Fighter, and 127 Hours, but just ran out of time to get them in before I Oscar night, but from what I can tell the Oscars got it right. I loved when Steven Spielberg presented the Best Movie Oscar and said the movies that didn't win would be in the company of Raging Bull and several other famously excellent movies.

Now on to fashion!

Hailee Steinfeld- my favorite. Young and fresh, just like her.

Va va voom, Jennifer Hudson. looking good, but the boobs looked a little weird...

Scarlett Johanson- least favorite- it looks like curtains from a bordello.

Love the dress on Sandra, not crazy about the hair, but she is always a favorite of mine.

Natalie Portman! Lovely momma to be.

I like Hillary Swank's dress- I love feathers.

Another favorite-love the train.

Fashion "experts" loved this, but I just accept it.

Love Mila Kunis' lavender and lace and the chiffon nipple covers.

Cate Blanchet- I just don't understand this dress. It kind of grew on me as the night wore on, but I don't understand the reverse dickey.

I think Amy Adams looks lovely, but not my favorite. Her hair was lovely.

Always perfect Dame Helen Mirren.

Until next year, Oscar.


Laura said...

Funny you should say that about J. Hud's dress. We all said the same thing during the ceremony. They really were distracting!

Jurl said...

The problem with the boobs is she has former fat girl boobs pushed up to look like never been chuky tee tas. Listen, once you stretch those babies out ain't nothing but surgery gonna put them back in place in a way they don't look crazy. word.

Shum Girl said...

I love the Oscars! I had a little swaray at my house to honor the event.
I agree with everything you said except for Gweneth. I loved her dress.
Kings Speech is wonderful. You will love it.
Colin Firth is wonderful. I love him.

Jurl said...

I know, I know, every one loved Gwyneth.