Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Idiocracy Jurl

I give up. I am resigned to the hard cold fact we live in an Idiocracy. Our country is populated with idiots. That must be why we keep electing politicians (I almost said 'people', but that's not what they are) to run our country into the ground from the city level to the Capitol.

I knew it was over when I saw the news report on GE's tax status. Did you know that you could have it better than paying zero income tax? Sure! This is America, people! Where our drinks are extreme and our Doritos are flavor-blasted! What's better than no taxes? The government paying you a few billion! Don't believe me then ask GE cause last year they earned 14 billion and paid no taxes on it, but we the people paid them 2 or 3 billion. Why? Because U.S. tax laws for corporations are XXX-EXTREME and DOUBLE FLAVOR-BLASTED, baby! #@$%@$@#$! And I give up.

The other day Pip and I were discussing why U.S. companies continue to ship jobs overseas. I suggested it was to avoid paying taxes and their ability to pay a Chinese worker a nickel for a days pay. Pip argued that the U.S. had to tax U.S. companies on foreign revenue. I agree, but don't know how you would ever accomplish that. We don't even tax them on U.S. revenue! Give. Up.

Still, no one will care that GE takes bail out money in the crash, makes 14 billion, then collects a cool couple billion more just for playing. But teachers, policemen, firemen, now that's the real problem with this country. They're the greedy whores ruining everything! Damn those Unions for giving us weekends, child labor laws, bathroom breaks, and the right not to burn up in a windowless factory! Unions are good for workers and bad for our nation! Except our nation is made up of workers...right? So, if workers make more money then they have more money to spend which in turn boosts our economy, right? Hmm, that sounds familiar. Where else has that trickle down economic theory been applied......Oh, yeah, GE.

Look, I'm the first to say that Unions can be the undoing of an industry and can put the collective ahead of what is most important- like a teacher's union that refuses to allow a school district to fire bad teachers and in exchange raise teacher salaries. When a Union would rather keep pay low so even the worst teacher has tenure you've got a problem. But taking money from educators and public servants is not the answer, is it? I mean, couldn't we take more from giant corporations? Oh, wait, if we let corporations keep their money then they will create jobs and funnel it back into the U.S. Oh, wait, they don't do that at all even when we give them money to do so. WTF.

Of course, GE was just following the tax law and taking advantage of loopholes and our idiocracy. Can we really blame them? It's like when Husband and I dug out all of Jake's medical bills for his broken leg last year or when we take the child care deduction. Lord knows, GE needs their money more than us. They're probably just claiming their cell phones as business deductions, and don't we all.

I never thought I'd admit defeat, but here it is, I give up. In a world where Lindsay Lohan's trial will be bigger news than the fact that our children are poorly educated there is nothin left to do but wave the white flag. Our only real hope is for third world countries to unionize.

If Charlie Sheen is alive in 20 years he'll probably be president and LOL will be printed on our money.

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JillieBean said...

I am so glad I clicked back over here. I have you saved as a favorite, but haven't had a lot of time for "blog reading" (hey - been busy at work, and who has time at home!). You CRACK.ME.UP.

Love that you are back blogging, and looking forward to reading more frequently!