Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan, Jurl!

Look out! There is a giant wave pushing a tanker and a burning house toward you! Can you imagine waking up to that? Watching the images of the debris-filled water pushing across farm land and roadways is surreal. My heart goes out to those affected and I'm sure I will be donating to a Movie Star spear-headed relief campaign in a day or two. I'm also sure Sean Penn was getting bored with Haiti so this will give him some new cause to inflict himself upon. As a matter of fact, I'm pretty he was becoming angry with the poor Haitians. How else can you explain his plan to take Charlie Sheen down there? Ugh. Let's hope the assassin warlock doesn't charter a cocaine-fueled jet, chock-a-block full of porn stars (I use "stars" loosely") to Tokyo where he will try to fight the tsunami with a machete and a cigarette.

Do you see how I worked in three current events in one blog? Japan-Sheen-Haiti. Not as easy as you think.

Prayers for the Japanese. And Charlie Sheen. And Haiti. Sean Penn, you're on your own.

Charlie Sheen v. the Tsunami

Back, off you tsunami turd! You're a troll and I'm an F-18 raining down fire like a microwave heats a baked potatoe! Winning!

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