Saturday, September 29, 2007

Premiere Jurl!

The new season of television has finally arrived! The anticipation I have for season premieres is almost overwhelming. I realize it's kind of sad and pathetic that I'm so involved with my T.V., but I can't help myself. I have such a deep connection with T.V. it's like I'm cheating on my husband. I'm definitely having an emotional affair.

It's not my fault. I was raised on T.V. Even as a kid I got a thrill from the Friday night combo of Love Boat and Fantasy Island, so it's no great surprise that at 35 I get a charge out of the How I met Your Mother/Two and a Half Men combo. Thankfully Tivo has come along in the intervening years so I can now watch more T.V. in less time.

But enough about me, what about the shows? I haven't signed up for many new ones so far, but have watched the series premieres of Gossip Girl, Dirty Sexy Money, Chuck, and Moonlight. Next week I plan to give Pushing Daisies a chance.

Gossip Girl is on the channel that used to be the WB. It's about martini drinking teenagers with crazy money in Manhattan. There's a mean girl, a good girl, a bad guy, a good guy, and oddly placed parents. I know ATLGAL pal is a fan, but I'm thrown off by how the teenagers all look like post-college age and one of them seems to be a serial rapist. Not sure I can afford to keep it on my list. I'm giving it 2 out of five jurls.

Dirty Sexy Money (ABC on Wed.) has a great cast and lots of eccentric characters, maybe too eccentric. Pretty in Pink and I are watching this one to see if it has what it takes to make our Tivo list. There's a priest who's not a priest with an illegitimate child and a lot of anger and a tranni-hooker loving politician that add a lot of amusement and some bemusement. A real family affair. All in all I gave the pilot 3 jurls.

Chuck (NBC on Mon.) is about a cute, lovable, nerd that accidentally becomes an espionage expert. This is the best new show I've watched so far. Several truly funny moments, but the spy stuff is a little sketchy. All and all it's pretty cute. I'm giving it three and a half jurls.

Moonlight (CBS) is a Friday night show that interested me because I don't go out on Friday nights and it's about vampires. I'm a sucker for the blood sucker. In a nutshell it's about vampires secretly living among us trying to keep their existence a secret with the help of a good guy vampire detective. I always have high hopes for the promise of good vampire fare, but am always disappointed. Vampires are intrinsically cool so why is it so hard to make a good Vampire show? Like it's predecessors Moonlight suffers from a bad case of goofiness and cheap effects. Overall, it wasn't that good, but I remain hopeful so I'm giving it 2 and a half jurls. Plus, the vampire detective is pretty hot.

The rest of my T.V. watching was filled by my old stand-bys. Let me give an honorable mention to How I Met Your Mother (Monday on CBS). It is HI-larious and sorely underrated. If you don't watch it you should. The Office is another favorite and the season premiere (Thursday on NBC) did not disappoint.

Grey's Anatomy was probably the show I was most torqued up about. How would they resolve Burke and Christina? Would George come back for another year as an intern? Would he ditch Torres for Izzy? What about McDreamy and Meredith? And Meredith's half sister?! Thursday night I poured myself a big old glass of red wine, climbed into bed, and feasted on the deliciousness of Grey's. I found the premiere a tad disappointing, but I'm not sure if I found it lacking because my anticipation was too great or if it was truly blah. There were some good moments, but Meredith's trout pout is getting on my nerves. I f she breaks up with McDreamy I can't get mad when he dates someone else. I hate that! Oh, well, a so-so Grey's is better than no Grey's. And one scene squeezed several tears out of me so they must have done something right.

So, goodbye Summer and hello Fall! Welcome back T.V. ! I've missed our time together and look forward to spending many nights with you in bed. Bet you thought I'd never make that claim.


Mom to the Taveling Circus said...

Did you watch Private Practice?

jurl said...

Nope, but I've added it to this week's rotation.

ATLGAL said...

Gossip Girl may be too much for me. I was hoping for Sex and the City fashions and setting meets Gilmore Girls high school naivite(is that too unrealistic?) but I think these teens may be too malicious/racy/mature for my sensibilities. I'm giving it another week, but as of now its too OC-ish for me. Too glam, and you're right, they just look too grown up. I know high school girls are gorgeous and mature and dress in couture fashions these days, even here in the lil' ole Deep South, but come ON.

Didja watch the finale of Bret Michael's "Rock of Love"? Now THAT'S a show I can enjoy. He is disease ridden and nasty, yet slightly appealing in a rock-stars-are-hot kind of way. I maintain that he has hair extensions, hence the fact that he NEVER removes his 'do rag... Watch the re-run, VH1 will show it 100 more times, I'm sure. Good skanky television, just like I like it.

amy from austin said...

please give tips as to how you are able to remove yourself from children and enjoy a glass of wine with the wonderful shows!

ATLGAL said...

I think we need your blog-opinion on Britney's custody issues... do tell!

Claudia said...

All I got to say is "Thank god for TiVo!!" I am now able to watch my favorite prime time TV shows (which all happen to fall right in the middle of bath/bed time for my nearly 3 year old). Do you watch Brothers and Sisters? Ugly Betty?
BTW, I think we are cosmic sisters... I also practice the exact type of law you do (I don't know you, but someone who does forwarded me your link), I have an almost 3 year old and am 7 months pregnant, the list goes on. Keep writing because you say what I'm thinking. Your blog is now on my list of faves.

jurl said...

I love you Claudia. And atlgal...I have weighed in on the Brit Brit situation. Check it out, jurls.

jurl said...

oh, and I don't watch Brother's and Sisters, but am trying to watch Ugly Bety. I feel bad becaues I bailed on UB after the first couple of shows last season.