Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Traveling Jurl

Tomorrow we will attempt to take our three year old and nine month old to San Antonio for two fun-filled days of Riverwalking and Sea World. I cannot believe how much we have packed to prepare us for two nights in a hotel. It's like we're going camping....on the moon.

Traveling with a baby is just stupid. I'm taking a whole can of formula b/c I fear running out as well as 35 diapers because, again, I fear running out and Jake's bottom becoming cemented in poop! Like they don't have baby supplies in San Antonio?! I also invested in one of those bottles with the disposable bags so I won't have to wash bottles in the bathroom sink. Seems like a good idea, but I bought the wrong size bags so now I have to take some regular bottles along, too. No way am I going back to the store for more crap to take on this trip.

Each of us has a bag, plus there's a snack bag, a toy bag, my giant purse, a bassinet, my laptop, and a giant quilt. It's insane. I tried to shove Jake's baby stuff in one of the bags I was already taking but my nutso husband gave me a frowning because the bag had pink on it. Really? I had to dig out a blue bag to satisfy my testosterone laden husband's concerns that a girly bag would damage Jake the baby.

Samantha seemed excited about the trip till I asked her to bring some nightgowns for her suitcase then she became very concerned about us sleeping at Sea World and by concerned I mean she started crying about it and by crying I mean melting down. I assured her we would not sleep with the killer whales. She continued to meltdown so I left the room planning to consume a nice margarita at our first lunch stop.

As I type this I sit on my bed with two snoring children snuggled against me and wonder why we thought this trip was a good idea and will I be getting any sleep over the next two days?

A few others things I'm contemplating:

What if we get splashed by a whale and get that bacteria stuff that makes you sick?

What if I get another bad case of thigh burn (though, I'm taking my baby powder for lubrication)?

What if I'm attacked by a dolphin?

What if what we think is a nice hotel is infested with hookers and crack heads?

What if one of these rug rats pukes on me just as we get to Sea World?

What if Jake refuses to sleep in his bassinet?

What if I push husband into the killer whale tank in a fit of rage for....I don't know, but I'm sure he'll do something wrong!

What if.....we really do have to sleep at Sea World?!!!

Oh, well, I'm sure we'll make it back with no casualties. I mean, it's just a four hour car ride and two nights away from home. How bad could it be? Don't answer that.


Mom to the Taveling Circus said...

It will be painfully, and frustratingly (I think I made that one up) wonderful. We went two summers ago in July (7 1/2 months pregnant)and the kids only remember how much fun we had, and that petting a dolphin was not something we get to experience every day.

My only tip - if you are worried about getting puked on throw yourself an extra shirt in the diaper bag. Hope you have a wonderful trip, and a Happy Easter.

ATGAL said...

Funny you should write this b/c we are off to New Orleans- via plane- for Easter weekend and I have similar concerns. I.E. taking a bag of diapers and a bag of wipes. a TON of snacks/juice boxes, three "snack traps", toys, books, a whole heap of 18 month clothes, bibs, Easter dress/shoes/hair bow, bathing suit and swim diapers, a pack n' play (ridiculous b/c she HATES it and I know she won't sleep in it), stroller, car seat, Baby Bjorn (which I know we won't use, but just in case...), and a brand spankin new portable DVD player that I purchased at Target 15 minutes ago (plus 3 new DVD's, of course). I am petrified that our wee one will refuse to sit on our laps (yes, traveling as a lap child) 5 minutes after we get on the plane and will want to run wild, screaming when she is not permitted to do so. So in a panic today I went to buy the item I swore I'd never rely on- the portable DVD player. Oh yeah, AND my own clothes, toiletries, book to read on the plane (yeah, right). I know I will end up there with waaay too much stuff for the wee one and two unmatched shoes for myself and a bunch of clothes I hate and probably no toothbrush. Is this trip really worth the trouble? My parents are meeting us there and my Mom already thinks I'm overreacting and we haven't even finshed packing yet. Uh, yeah, mom- when's the last time you flew with a toddler? Answer: NEVER. Yikes. Hope your trip goes as well as I'm praying ours does (and yet, and yet... hubby says pray for the best but expect the worst. And how!)

Anonymous said...

Funny! I have to do that SHIT all the time just to go to freakin’ Cleburne for a night or two to appease stupid husband (ok - he's really smart, but I am pissed right now). I mean really, I have 3 freakin’ kids, one of which is a 4 months old, and I am expected to go to Cleburne? Well, guess who does all the packing – you got it, and Lynn would go ape shit over a pink bag too……as if there is even an OUNCE of estrogen in this house. Man, I need to draw a line in the sand.

Anonymous said...

So the weekend is over, did you survive? Hope you had a great trip and a Happy Easter!

Beverly said...

Did you leave the husband at sea world? Is the trip over?


Anonymous said...


How was your trip? Don't keep your fans tell!