Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh Jurl

I'm all alone in a nice hotel room drinking coffee, propped up in the middle of a king sized bed, and on the brink of watching a chick flick. Moments ago I actually took a long hot shower BY MYSELF! I was standing under the pounding water thinking how awesome this solo bathing is when I heard someone singing "A-A-Amen! A-A-Amen! I'm alone in the shower and I hardly know what to do!" I quickly realized the singing was coming from me.

The retreat actually starts tomorrow, but I came a night early because I'm in charge of the VAG bags (think swag bag) and needed to arrive ahead of the group. Tomorrow we'll eat, shop, eat some more then stumble into a karaoke place to humiliate ourselves and each other.

Fourteen wild women are about to hit New Orleans and I fear for the still recovering city.

By the way, I'm taking suggestions for my karaoke song. I've already considered "Like a Virgin" for it's irony so you'll have to leave that one out.

Pray none of us get arrested......

Our hotel, Bienville House, is cute (small) and quite charming (old). So far so good.


Angie said...

Oh I am jealous. A jurl weekend away in a swaggy little place like N'Awleans?!?! A little slice of heave. Did I mention I was jealous?


Carey said...

Very nice.