Thursday, May 15, 2008

Down to the Final Two, Jurls

After surviving week after week, Syesha Mercado has finally been escorted from the American Idol stage for the last time. When Ryan stopped hamming it up and finally announced who was staying, I realized I was actually rooting for her over Scooter. I would've like to have seen a female-male final, but I could not have survived a Snoresha v. Yak Tongue. Relief flooded me when the official word was David Cook would stay to do battle with the yak tongue.

A few observations from last nights mush fest....

Did Fantasia sing any of her song? Because all I saw was a lot of clapping, stomping, and shaking what her momma gave her. Most hilarious moment of the night: when the camera landed on Simon's face during the fuchsia-coiffed Fantasia's "performance", catching him with his mouth hanging open and sporting a look of stunned confusion. I Tivoed back to see it three times.

During the sappy, heartstrings portion of the show, a crying Archuleta just about got me. When his little squinty eyes welled up with tears over all the home town support I almost remembered why I liked this kid in the beginning. Almost.

Of course, I'm a sucker for seeing people's dreams come true. Every time Oprah gives somebody a makeover, a house, or her favorite things, I cry like a baby. So when Syesha went home to crowds of shouting fans and her drug addicted, alcoholic (but, recovering) father, I shed a small tear. And I really lost it when David Cook gave flowers to his ancient music teacher. I've decided I love him.

Watching those hometown crowds with hoards of screaming and crying fans reminded me that people all over are freaks.

Last night the judges looked bored and/or miserable and like they all hated Ryan (which is totally understandable). Perhaps this season is grating on their nerves as much as mine.

Oh, well. It's almost over. God Bless these kids. I hope this isn't their careers peaking.


ATLGAL said...

I think I might be in love with Cookie. And I feel bad about all the ugly things I've said about Archu-D2, he's just a little boy. A little mama's boy who's got a soft side a mile wide. I don't want him to win or anything, but he's just a wee boy. He was more excited that the cheerleaders from his high school (who no doubt never knew who he was before this, nor cared) were there cheering for him than he was about anything else. We also need to talk about the mayor of Murray, Utah's mustache. Can we also talk about Fantasia? Will someone tell me which part of her overall performance was not totally insane? CrAzY. Simon's face was priceless and matched my sentiments exactly. We are with Cookie for the win next week!!!!!!

I missed JC Dreadz last night...

Anonymous said...

Oh man I have to watch the show back to see Simons face. I had tivoed the episode so I could fast forward through Ryans rantings. I am voting for David cook too. I feel for Scooter as you call him, but I don't want him to win!

jurl said...

Yes, let's talk about Fantasia. What's with the permanent braces? Are those braces? And why did she miss 50 performances of The Color Purple? They just showed the Simon moment on The View (feel like I scooped The View). So delicious.

That mayor was hilarious. Syesha's mayor was a freak too, she did a hand stand in a terrible outfit. love it. I wonder what JC is doing? Oh, rockin the gange.

Claudia said...

GASP! I couldn't watch last night. I got carried away trying to set up my mother's day present (digital picture frame). Ok, I love my hubby and all, but if he's going to give me something that requires a computer program and chords, he'd better set it up for me next time. Oh well. I'll have to watch tomorrow night (tonight I've got an exciting marketing function to attend -yawn).