Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Finale Jurl

We have finally reached the A.I. finale! Thank Jesus, because I cannot keep watching Ryan Seacrest prance and mince about. Anyway, last night Scooter Archuleta and David Cook went head to head in a three song finale blow-out. I thought the show was fairly underwhelming. The boxing metaphors were stupid and ridiculous. Can you see Scooter the Muppet standing in the boxing ring with gloves at the ready? I think not. I can see him getting stuffed in a locker....maybe it should have been the Bully v the Dork. Or maybe they could have just let them sing instead of wasting out time with the boxing crap.

So, I hate to say this, I mean I really hate to say this, but Scooter buried D.C. last night. Scoot picked better songs and laid down better vocals, no way around it.

Perhaps D.C. let his mind drift toward the day when he'll fill stadiums with adoring fans, making the smallish Nokia theatre not that big a deal and his performances, though good, not out of this world.

Scoot on the other hand was all about the win, even managing to hold back that yak tongue and leave behind his Members Only jacket (though not sure the anchor suit coat was an improvement). That kid sung his ass off. No wonder since if he doesn't win his dad will make him live in the attic then slowly poison him with arsenic-laced sweets. Or something scary like that.

No matter who wins they'll probably both find success and, more importantly, this thing will be over! Now we can all move on to "So You Think You Can Dance"!


ATLGAL said...

Agreed on all counts, Jurl. Boxing motif= dumb (did you see how ArchuD2 held up his fists upside down like a little girl?), song choices boring, and Archu, much as I hate to admit it, just outsang my boyfriend Cookie. Waa. I will also admit that Archu's rendition of "Imagine", which he nailed earlier this season, is just darn good. Great, even. And that's a song I've heard so many times I don't even "hear" it anymore. Cookie is destined to be a star, like, stat. He is FM radio ready and is believable as a concert/radio/etc. artist ASAP. Archu- not so much. We already have Josh Grobin and Michael Buble and I just don't see that we need another one of those guys. Esp. one that's only 17 and has no life experience to back up his sapppy ballads.

Sooo... GO Cookie! On to bigger and better things!

AND...bring on SYTYCD tomorrow night! I've got my leg warmers cleaned and I'm ready!

Claudia said...

Argh!! my DVR cut off right before Ryan Secrest announced... "and the winner of 2008 American Idol is..." blank screen. DAMN YOU COMCAST DVR!!! DAMN YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought they both did well and they were a little harsh on DC. I still thought after the whole season he should win and he did. HOORAY!!!!