Friday, May 2, 2008

Not My Fault Jurl

In the short ten months of Jake's life he has been knocked around pretty good. I dropped him in church (fall cushioned by the pew), I fell over the hall gate while holding him and we both tumbled to the ground, he rolled off the bed, he's been hit numerous times in the head with the remote and the telephone, and his head has knocked into every hard surface in our house.

Clearly, we can see who's to blame for all of these head injuries...his sister. That's right, she distracts me and soul-sucks the energy out of me, leaving me unable to properly care for second child.

When Jake is older he will ask, "Mom, why is Samantha so much smarter than me?"

I plan to be honest with him because honesty is important. "Jake, it's your sister's fault. She had a hint of evil living inside and while trying to strangle that out of her you tended to fall off of things and hit your head."

"You let me fall off of things!?!"

"No! You're sister caused that! Not me! I love you!"

"But, weren't you in charge..."

"Jake, look at this shiny quarter...."

"Ooohhhh....I like shiny things..."


Claudia said...

Again... Crying with laughter (and because I can relate). =)

OGLADI said...

Love it. I'll have to use the shiny thing distraction for my son. He fell off everything...but it was my fault, well, his too.

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