Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Oh. No. Jurl.

I missed A.I. last night! I was out with my book club jurls and Tivo got two hours of Dancing With the Stars, but no A.I. I feel empty inside. Although, DWS was very good and I almost passed out when Max high-stepped back out on to the stage. I adore him. Still, I am broken-hearted I missed whatever train wreck occurred last night on A.I. Please fill me in on who was great, who stunk, and how high was Jason Castro!


ATLGAL said...

Don't fret, jurl! AmId expert to the rescue. (also checkout for a lengthy update)....

The theme- songs from artists inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame (in other words, pretty much anything).

David Cook started with "Hungry Like the Wolf" which was a-ight, but not earth shattering. His second song was "Baba O'Reilly/Teenage Wasteland" which he tricked up with his special David Cook mojo and it was awesomely awesome. The judges didn't love HLTW, but they were down with BOR/TW. His second song was my fave performance of the night.

Syesha started with "Proud Mary" (duh- could've called that one) and ended with Sam Cooke's "Change Gon' Come". She sounded great on the second one and the first was a lame Tina Turner wanna-be with the dance moves and the short silvery dress and everything. Randy and Paula loved PM and Simon was okay with it. Randy did not like the Sam Cooke song, but Paula, and surprisingly, Simon loved it.

Baby Davey Archuleta sang "Stand By Me" (DUH- a friend commented that is so one dimensional it hurt her soul to watch) and "Love Me Tender". The judges loved both. I hated both b/c I cannot stand the sight or sound of that freakish little mucus-voiced teen and all his false modesty. If he wins I will be most unhappy.

And now for the bad news. VERY bad news. My boy JC Dreadz flopped. Bad. Twice. His "I Shot the Sheriff" was just not good. The judges HATED it. Simon called it atrocious and as bad as some of the audition follies that they play on TV as fodder for laughs. Second song, Bob Dylan's "Mr. Tambourine Man"- and JCD FORGOT THE WORDS. Badly. He kept going and tried to make it work, but I think everyone in America, including him, uniformly went "oh well, buh bye Jason." Simon told him to pack his bags.

My prediction- JC Dreadz goes home tonight. UNLESS his hordes of fans support him like in weeks past, in which case Syesha's a goner. I voted for David Cook four times and JC Dreadz once- given the fact that JCD has pretty much checked out of this thing I'm with Cookie for the win.

Claudia said...

Great synopsis ATLGAL. I'm afraid that despite being dreadzful last night, Jason Castro will stick around another week. I got an e-mail from "the Aggie Network" calling an all Ags past and present to vote for him. Now, I love me some Dreadz as much as anyone, but he was so bad last night that not even I could get myself to vote for him. After Tambourine man, he looked like he just wanted to run off the stage. Poor kid. I hope he had some good doobage to help ease his pain last night.

ATLGAL said...

"Dreadzful"! Ha Ha Ha!

jurl said...

Thanks for the updates. While sitting in my corner office with a view of downtown Dallas, I managed to watch each performance on Youtube. I must say I felt Scooter Archuleta was less baby-putrid than on previous nights. Cook was just o.k., Syesha is no Tina Turner (or Sam Cooke) and JC Dreadz needs to take his own life...or perhaps just go home to Rockwall.