Saturday, May 3, 2008

Thursday Night Jurl

Thursday nights are a television orgasm for me. Ugly Betty, Grey's, and Lost all in a row! Not to mention the fabulous NBC comedies that I Tivo and watch the next night. You may be wondering if, perhaps, I watch too much T.V. Well, stop wondering...yes, I watch way too much T.V. But, I've decided to accept this about myself b/c only through acceptance can we attain peace, and I'm all about peace while I watch my shows.

By the time last Thursday rolled around I was a low-energy mother. It was the first day of the month which can be tough for a lawyer who's billing from the previous month is due and who spent all day putting in time only to realize she hadn't worked near enough in April. Oops. on top of that work train wreck, I remembered Samantha's fourth birthday party is next weekend and I'd failed to get any invitations out to her little school friends. Probably because I don't really want to invite her little friends because I don't know their little parents and I have zero interest in entertaining a pack of four year olds. But, I already bought the damn Little Mermaid gift bags for eight little girls! Still, there's another little girl with a birthday on the same day and she's probably already invited all the little girls in the class! Arrgh! Little girls, little girls, little girls!!

So by the time I'd eeked out some billing and agonized over Sam's birthday extravaganza I was worn out and when I dragged all of us in the house I had only enough energy to feed and bathe my kids. Promptly after bath time I put Jake to bed then put on my bad mommy hat and let Sam watch Ugly Betty with me.

I tried to Tivo through curse words when I could anticipate they were coming, but when that didn't seem to be working I switched over to Oprah with the Sex in the City Jurls, but I really wanted to watch Thursday night programming. Is it really so horrible for a child to hear "damn", "hell", and "bitch"? I'm considering teaching her alternative meanings for these words so if she does pick them up from Meredith Grey she'll at least use them in a friendly way.

Damn means good job. "Damn, Mom, I love this Mac and Cheese."

Hell is just a shortened version of Hello. "Hell, Grandma!!"

Bitch means smart girl. "Mom, I'm such a bitch!" You sure are honey, you sure are.

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