Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Jurl Conversation on the Family Adventure

Driving to Arkansas last week, my cousin Ann read Sam a book and in the process of telling the story Ann had Sam counting out how many fingers she had on her hands. The following is a two part conversation that sprang from a simple children's book:

Ann: Now, Samantha, did you know there was a man in the Bible that had six fingers on one hand? What would you do if you had six fingers on one hand?

Me: Pick and eat more boogers.

Ha ha ha ha ha. We all laugh. Cut to the next morning in the room:

Sam, busy watching a Scooby Doo DVD not so slyly picks and sneaks a boog.

Me: Sam! Gross. Stop doing that! Thank goodness you really don't have six fingers.

Ann: Why, Samantha, you don't need six fingers for picking boogers, do you? Remember the man in the Bible we talked about?

My Mother out of nowhere and with complete sincerity: There was a man in the Bible who picked his boogers???

Me: Yes, Mother, the booger picking apostle.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, the joy that family brings... gotta love 'em!