Monday, June 30, 2008

Every Jurl's a Critic

My mother came over to my house the other day and after finding our guest bathroom out of toilet paper forced me to have this conversation:

"Well, no surprise, you're out of toilet paper, again! Sam, doesn't even wipe anyway! I guess she's given up! When I'm coming over I just make sure I have a pad on because it's just drip dry around here

[To Sam, but looking at me with disgust] Baby, you just keep a paper towel in there for the can just reuse it, I guess."

Come to think of it, there wasn't much conversatin since she did all the talking and I did all the laughing.

Happy birthday, Mom.

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Lawmom said...

I had a similar experience in my guest bathroom. I had to remove the soap because my daughter makes a sudsy mess of the guest bathroom and adjoining rooms any time soap is within reach. The other day, I had a friend over. She was kind enough to wipe the poopy bottoms of my spawn, and she pretended there was soap to wash her hands and theirs. I hollered from the kitchen that I would bring soap, and she said, "that's ok, I used the guest soap." The guest soap is shrink wrapped in lemon scented packaging and looks lovely next to the sink. It's been that way ever since said friend gave it to me as a gift. I noticed this morning that all shrink wrap was in tact. She politely lied to me after wiping poop off of both of my children. I'm shamed, to be sure, but also grateful to have such a wonderful liar of a sweet friend.