Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Jurl and Her Purse?

I think this is a purse, but what you could carry in it is the last thing I'm taking with me. I guess if your husband had a wondering dingus you might want a convenient and fashionable carrying case for it to reduce the risk of misuse or loss.

I would, however, love to do the commercial for this accessory:

Frazzled woman looking through huge bag unable to find what she needs.

Deep male voice: "Tired of over-sized bags that turn into bottomless pits? Tired of never being able to find what you're looking for when you need it most?"

[Actress shakes her head "yes!"]

Deep Male voice: Then you need the Penis Pozy Cozy!

[Big bag magically disappears from woman's hand and the PPC takes it place. Woman looks scared, but goes with it. ]

Deep Male voice: For when you need to take your most important equipment with you and don't want to lose it among keys and lint covered-mints. The Penis Pozy Cozy keeps your man's business at your fingertips!

The Penis Pozy Cozy is made of durable genuine hard latex that looks great with any outfit and instantly organizes your mate's reproductive organ. [See actress in a variety of bad outfits that aren't helped by the PPC]

The 22" adjustable strap sling design leaves your hands free. [See actress with PPC over her shoulder yelling at downtrodden husband and gesturing wildly with hands.]

Keeps your belongings safe & secure right by your side. [ See actress with PPC slung across her chest and husband with sad face following her through the mall]

And it's yours for only $19.99! Order now and receive a matching ball carrier absolutely free!

Comes in black, pink, purple, and blue. Sizes: Teeny Weenie, Medium, Large, and Oh My God That Hurts!.


Gemini said...

Where can I get mine?

jurl said...

Ha! Same place you get a beer mug shaped like boobs...maybe.