Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Experimental Jurl

Hot Vagina told us jurls about a pill scientists have developed that when given to a fat mouse makes the mouse burn calories at an accelerated rate causing it to lose weight while lazing about his mouse-pad. When one of these pill poppin mice also exercises they do so more efficiently than slimmer, non-pill poppin mice.

Once we took this information in, the following debate ensued:

Me: If I had those pills I'd double the dose and have chicken fried steak for every meal. Someone asks me, 'what you want for breakfast?' I'd say, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, biscuits, gravy, corn and mac & cheese! But with the pills I'd still be rockin a hot bod!

V: Yeah, but you might have boobs growing out the other side of you.

Me: So what? I wish I had some back titties so Husband could play with those and let me turn over to get some sleep! I wish I had a back vagina!

V: Well.....you do.

Me, Hot Vagina, Senora Paralegal: Whoa!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sweetie pie, I've been on those pills for months. It's called speed. Cleverly rebranded as... Ritalin. Okay, I'm the same jurl who has the anit-margaret lodged in her girl parts. I'm all about the artificial panacea. A word about the Ritalin-- it makes me concentrate at work when I truly don't give a shit. It makes me never hungry. It makes me work out like I'm training for an Iron-woman competition. I hope you all come visit me in rehab when someone finally decides to quit prescribing the modern medical wonders that make me not have to try or care.

Kate's Mom said...

Sounds like a winner to me!