Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Big O Jurl (And Not The One You're Thinking About)

I must confess I enjoy Oprah. I tivo Oprah and watch, not all, but most episodes. As many Oprah-philes as there are in the world, it's still a bit cliche and embarrassing to admit to being a regular viewer. It's like admitting you pick your nose or eat Twinkies for breakfast.

But, as you may have noticed I'm not embarrassed to admit much of anything so I'm declaring my love for the Big O (and the other big O, of course). I make this dark, shady admission, because a friend turned me onto, a blog about conducting the great Oprah experiment. For one year Living Oprah is living as Oprah advises to determine if it will really lead to her "best life" and just how much it costs to live as Oprah says live.

Living Oprah blogs each week day about the most recent episode and also shares her O-experiments such as making a vision board or secret ingredient (chick peas) cookies.

I'm obsessed with it because I love dissecting Oprah shows- how Dr. Oz touches Oprah too much, how Oprah puckers around sex talk, or how Oprah can't relate to a lot of topics/guests.

So, if you dig Oprah, check out


Shea said...

I tivo her show also! I've admitted this before on my blog, I also tivo The View. Love their "hot topics" discussions.

jurl said...

She- I too love the View! Hot topics are the best!! I want to host my own show that's just hot topics!! It's so delicious.