Sunday, July 6, 2008

Firecrackin Jurl

Here's just a taste of my 4th of July near death experience courtesy of a bunch of hayseeds (me and my family)setting off fireworks indiscriminately. You'll here some of my commentary and a lot of "woohs". Every year is an Independence Miracle because no one gets hurt, well, not badly anyway. That's even after I lit an aerial firework on the ground and a massive explosion sent us all scrambling. In my defense, my little cousin handed it to me and asked me to light it. How was I supposed to know it needed to be shot into the air? Duh.


Beverly said...

Glad no one got burned, fried Jurl, I just can't imagine.

Mom to the Traveling Circus said...

I am pretty sure that the little cousin you are talking about would be mine. Sorry about that, and thanks for not letting him light any on his own.

Are you going to use any of the F-word debate video?

If so ..... F-N-A!!!

Lawmom said...

That was a treat-- home ignited fireworks are always more fun than the professional variety, and worth every bit of the risk to the fingers. I think my favorite part was when the man minding the cart-o-explosives handed a box to a pre-teen and said, "here, give this to the little ones." Keep those videos coming, jurl.

Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell, Sam is the only bright one in our retarded, flame-throwing family. If Mike ever sees this, our little one will NEVER get to stay past dark on the 4th! Sorry I missed it!