Monday, October 13, 2008

Or Just Shake a Can of Change, Jurl

Next time someone is talking to you about something that makes you uncomfortable or is just plain boring try blurting out, "What? Your vagina's on fire?" This bizarre question is guaranteed to throw the speaker so far off the beaten path, regardless of their gender, that you can easily steer the conversation to a topic you enjoy!

I've never used this as a conversation defense strategy (I once really thought someone was making this cry for help), but I'm confident in my recommendation of this phrase to C-block (conversation block, that is) and guarantee it will derail even the most socially awkward dork.

My gift to you!


Ali-Pants said...

Thank you for this. It's going right into the vault for future use. LOVE your blog!

jurl said...

Ali-pants- Thanks! Man, I'm glad someone sees this tip for the genius it is!