Thursday, October 9, 2008

Update On a Jurl

I thought I'd take a moment to update you jurls on a few things in my world:

IUD: Still got it in and still think the hormone is making me a little nuts. My second IUD Margaret was a little longer than normal for moi, but barely there so that was a plus. There is a ten year IUD with no hormone that I might should have gone with, but, sadly, birth control is often a crap-shoot. I wish my uterus would just fall out.

Shrink: Previously I reported that the receptionist at my shrink's office denied me admittance even though I was having violent fantasies about hurting our IT people (who are perfectly lovely). Thanks to a couple of jurls who insisted I call Nancy directly, I managed to get back on Team Analysis! First appointment was last night and Nancy agreed I might be just a tad unbalanced. The good news is, I haven't lost my sense of humor about mental illness!

Doing things for me: I have continued to give myself small treats. Fresh flowers have become a weekly fixture. How can I deprive myself of $10 roses? I have also socialized with friends when I would have probably just hung out on my couch and I must say I've yet to wish I'd chosen the couch.

Husband: I'm trying a new approach with Husband and actually telling him what's going on with me. Who would have thought that mattered? I'm also trying to share things that I normally withhold for fear he will judge, mock, or criticize. For example, I keep this blog to myself even though he knows about it and surreptitiously reads it on occasion, but now when I write something I think will make him giggle or I get a comment that I'm proud of, I share it with him. I'm realizing I keep a lot of me to myself out of (all together now) fear.

Kids: Still keeping the T.V. off and Sam, though not at angel status yet, is no longer a demonic presence in our lives. Sometimes I cheat a bit with Dancing With the Stars because Sam dances to the music so I consider it exercise.

New Things: I'm considering a couple of new things that I'm not ready to share, but will once I make a decision. For now, just assume it's something fabulous and dramatic (no, not giving kids or Husband away!). I've even stumbled on a couple of new realizations about my emotional instability that I'll be writing about in the near future. I don't know if it's a curse or a blessing that at 36 I'm still making self-discoveries....probably both.


Beverly said...

I so am with you on the uterus deal. On a monthly basis I wish all my lady parts south of my navel would fall out.

Glad to see you are taking charge of your life!!

BoBono said...

Had my easy bake oven removed six years ago and it was the best decision I've made in the last decade. Painful memories have almost faded away to nothing now. I pass by the women in the sanitary protection isle of stores and feel nothing but pity.

Anonymous said...

I think it is great that you are discovering new things. I belong to a diet group and we all love your blog! The fact that you have a sense of humor about your weight problem is so refreshing. We are motivated by your funny tales about your own struggles with being obese and the fact that you are so open about your body imperfections, etc. (It is also great to know that your husband still paws after you in spite of it :-) Keep on writing!
-fellow fat jurl.

jurl said...

Beverly- yes, when you're done with children the womb is like your appendix..totally unecessary. thanks for the comment, as always!

Bobono- you dirty you know what! I'm so jealous.

Anon- thanks so much for your comment! Tell your club that even though I don't know them (or do I???) I know they are awe inspiring women that know laughter is better than tears. Besides, cyring ruins your make-up! Really appreciate you.