Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Worst Jurl

October brings me great joy because eventually the weather cools down, which is a blessing in it's own right, but also because I don't look as conspicuous wearing black sweaters and black skirts everywhere in a misguided attempt to hide my fat and ensuing rolls. Let's face it, just because I'm wearing sandals does not make my ankle length black skirt (with a paint stain on the hem) paired with the largest sweater set found in captivity, a summer outfit. But, sometimes, denial is survival.

October also brings Halloween and I loves me some Halloween. We've already decorated the house and I've made Sam watch The Worst Witch , a 1980s flick about a boarding school for witches (uh, J.K. Rowling owes someboy some money) and poor Mildred the worst witch in the class who winds up saving the day, of course!

I got a lot of questions like this:

Are they bad witches?

Why isn't this a cartoon?

Why are they flying?

How are they flying?

Why is she sad?

Why are they laughing?

Why is his cape so big?

Why are they singing?

Why are you singing?

And then finally this statement..."Actually, I think this is kind of boring...."

Every time she craps on my childhood loves, I die a little. If she doesn't like Xanadu or, God forbid, The Pirate Movie, my heart will dissolve.

Here's a favorite scene from "The Worst Witch." After you watch it ask yourself why Sam didn't ask, "Why is Tim Curry's hair so poofy?" "Why is he so flamboyant?" "Why is he supposed to be straight?" "Why does his cape look like candy corn?" "Why doesn't he stick to alien transvestite roles?"


Scout said...

This is my all time favorite Halloween Movie.

Beverly said...

Sorry, jurl, this is terrible. When was it made? I liked Tim Curry more as an alien transvestite too or even the evil cardinal in three musketeers.

jurl said...

scout- I know you love it!!

Beverly- the Worst Witch represents the best and worst of 1986. You're right, it's awful, but I still love it. There is an excellent song in it called "Growing up Isn't Easy" that I sing until Sam screams at me to stop. Generally, I like Tim Curry in anything. I kind of think he's hot even when he's a really gayed out Grand Wizard...or transvestite.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I love this movie!!! I haven't seen it in years. Why did you mention Pirate Movie? I will be singing "My First Love" all day now!!!

Claudia said...

I am a bad child of the 80's. I have never heard of either of these... Maybe it's because I was fresh off the boat (or plane, but who's counting) in the early 80's. I was too busy trying to learn English and trying to fit in.

jurl said...

Claudia- I have another friend like you that totally missed all 80s pop culture despite growing up in the middle of it. It's very frustrating to make a funny joke about Different Strokes and she says, "Huh?" WTF, what's wrong with you people? Love ya anyway.

Anonymous said...

The 80s are the BEST!! Who doesn't love the 80s--- 80s clothes, 80s hair... the cheezy 80s movies. It's pure greatness!!!