Friday, October 3, 2008

Western Jurls

Today is Western Day at Sam's school or, as it's known in our house, Black Friday. For the past three years we have valiantly tried to get Sam to participate in Western day by wearing something, anything, remotely Western. The first year was a real disaster. We rushed around the house getting ready for work and trying to prod her into a denim skirt and pink cowboy boots only to have her start frothing at the mouth in a melt down of epic proportions. I went to work in tears of frustration and she went to school in a mother f'ing party dress.

Last year, we got smart, or so we thought. For a week we talked about Western day and all it entails to get her in the mood. The night before the big day we picked out her outfit including pink cowboy boots that she promised us she'd wear. And then she woke-up possessed by the anti-Christ, refusing to wear any of it. At some point Husband and I were standing over her threatening to take away everything in her room, including her bed, if she didn't put on the damn boots. But, you know what happened. I went to work in tears of frustration and she went to school on Western Day in a mother f'ing party dress. Footnote to this drama, the next day she started wearing those pink cowboy boots everywhere, even to bed. For a moment I hated her guts.

This year I really thought we had a shot at pulling it together. Sam's a year older, a year wiser, and we've taken television away almost entirely! All week we've talked about the awesomeness of Western Day and the pink cowboy boots. This morning I awoke with high hopes. Well, not really, I awoke with Sam literally kicking me in the ass and me wanting to punch her across the room with the force of a super hero, but I didn't, of course.

Drum roll please.....Sam wanted to wear the pink cowboy boots!!!! Ominous music.....we could only find one. I looked everywhere, under the couch, under her bed, under my bed, under Jake's bed, in every dress-up box, in every corner of her closet. Que sad music.....the missing pink boot was unable to be located.

Well, we could still try to Western it up with our outfit, except, wait for it, Sam refused every option, insisting on pink leggings, a pink shirt, black Halloween socks, and purple sneakers. She wouldn't even let me giver her a couple of braids. She informed me with an air of great authority that cowboys wear pony tails.

I hate you Western Day.

I'm sure you're wondering why I care so much because I wonder that myself. There is a compulsion to participate within me and it leaks all over Sam, but so far she does not appear susceptible to my baggage.

Plus, she'd be the cutest little cowgirl! And what Mom doesn't want her little girl to be the cutest little cowgirl?

But, I'm over it. I've dropped off both love bugs (aka soul suckers) for another not very Western, Western Day.

Is it sad that I'm sitting on my bed wearing my cowboy hat, drinking my coffee, with the lone pink cowboy boot cradled lovingly in my lap? Just kidding! Not really. Yes, I am! Help me. Just joking! No, really, help me.

Giddy-up little lone doggie.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Get her a pink stick horse.

jurl said...

Anon 1- aka Dirty Bitch- Oh, Dirty Bitch, silly Dirty Bitch. Being a parent is all about having hope where none should be or doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result...wait, that's the definition of insanity.

Anon 2- she did in fact take a pink stick horse to school, but it's a prop just insn't the same....

Anonymous said...

I share your pain jurl. I think we do this because of our childhood memories and what we liked as children but couldn't least it was for me.

Beverly said...

breathe, let it go!! I have the same drama when I try to get g to wear anything other than "play clothes."

amy said...

AND JAKEY? Did he get to dress up for Black Friday?

jurl said...

anon- I think there's some truth to that.

Beverly- I know! Her dad picked her up today and commented that she wasn't very western. Her response was, "Nobody cared." I'm delighted that she just doesn't give a crap what other people think. Still she starts getting piercings in odd places.

Amy- Jakey looked down right cowpokish in a cute plaid shirt and blue jeans. and chaps. just kidding, no chaps.

Claudia said...

This is hilarious. Reminds me of "silly" day at my son's school. On the days where they are supposed to dress silly (mismatched clothes, backwards shirts, crazy hairdos, etc.) he flat out refuses. Yesterday he wore his shirt backwards and his hair spiked up. Go figure.