Saturday, November 1, 2008

Jurl Trip

I'm about to embark on an overnight trip with Momma Jurl, Dirty Bitch, and Yenta Ann. Within the next 24 hours I guarantee the following will happen:

1. We will get lost.

2. Dirty Bitch will yell at Momma Jurl and Yenta Ann for getting lost.

3. I will threaten to kill Momma Jurl (more than once)

4. Yenta Ann will tell me I should be ashamed.

5. Yenta Ann will tell Dirty Bitch she should be ashamed.

6. I will do some "crop dusting" in the car.

7. Dirty Bitch will lash out horribly over my "accidental" crop dusting.

8. Yenta Ann will mispronounce the name of a celebrity so badly we'll all spend fifteen minutes trying to figure out who the hell she's talking about.

9. I will see Yenta Ann naked. God help me.

10. Momma Jurl will tell me and Dirty Bitch we're mean, very mean.

11. Someone will pee in their pants (probably all of us).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So, Jurl... what happened on this trip? Your public is dying to know!