Saturday, November 1, 2008

Well, Just Die Then Jurl

I've sunk to a new parenting low. And things were going so well. Sam and I were cruising for doll houses on the internet when she suddenly lost interest and demanded to play Barbie games on my computer. Since Husband likes to get Christmas shopping done early I told her she'd have to wait while I checked out a few more things on my computer. It was for her after all.

Then the whining began. Louder and louder. Then she hacked up a fur ball because she's sick and I said "I need to take you to the doctor." A simple statement, said with no menace, no ill intent. But, Sam went left, screaming about not wanting to go to the doctor till I finally said, "Well, just get sick and die then!" Her response was to scream, in my face, "I won't get sick and die!!"

Looking back, I see this was a poor exchange to have with my daughter and may have contributed to the unraveling of our morning, landing Sam in her room where she has been screaming like a she-devil for the last thirty minutes. On the positive side, and you know I'm all about the positive side, I got to sit and watch the Daily Show while casually sipping my coffee. Ah, peace. Except for the screaming in the next room.

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