Monday, December 15, 2008

Baptismal Jurl

Yesterday we actually made it to church after a month long absence and, of course, we show up to find out Sam is supposed to be a lamb in the Christmas program next Sunday. Pardon moi. One of the Sunday school teachers said to us, at least five times, "You haven't been here in forever!" See, this is when church can cause you to sin because I think bad thoughts about hurting Sunday school teachers.

Anyway, we stayed after church so she could practice being a lamb after which another Sunday school teacher told Sam she'd have to get her Mommy to teach her the songs during the week since she'd missed soooooooo many practices. Once the humiliation practice was over Sam ran around with her best bud, Samantha 2.0, while we chatted with 2.0's parents. Unfortunately, our church thought it would be a good idea to put the baptismal (we're dunkers) even with the dais and full of water 24 hours a day.

The indoor pool proved irresistible to both Samanthas who were leanig farther and father out over sin-cleansing waters. So, in an effort to keep them from drowning, I told them there were invisible piranhas in the water that consume a steady diet of little girl fingers.

In hind sight, I see this was perhaps not the best course of action since ten hours later my Sam complained she couldn't stop thinking about those scary invisible piranhas. I'm sure both girls will never be baptized due to a piranha phobia.

Oh, well. Just chalk up another one on my sin board.

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Shea said...

Jurl, where are you? I know it's the holidays but it's been 11 days now! Hope you are doing okay. Love, Shea