Friday, December 12, 2008

This Is My Life, Jurls

Last night we went out to eat with Momma Jurl and the CHILDREN. At some point the next ten years of my life flashed before my eyes and it went something like this:

Stop it, Jake!

Stop it, Sam!

No hitting, Jake!

Sam, stop putting your hands in your drink!

Jake, don't touch your sister!

Sam, stop looking at your brother!

Jake, put the knife down!

Sam, get out from under the table!

Jake, don't eat off the table!

Sam, stop spitting your food out!

Jake, stop licking the table!

Sam, don't throw silverware at your brother!

Jake, don't throw food at your sister!

Be still! Be still!

Be quiet! Quiet!! Quiet!

We're gonna leave the restaurant!

You're both gonna be punished!

You make the baby Jesus cry.

And we chose this life.


Beverly said...

sounds like my house and I only have one!

Claudia said...

Have you ever heard the Mom Song by Anita Renfro? You'd like it!! Check itout on YouTube. =)