Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dear Jurl Answers the Canine Crap Corporal

Dear Jurl,

My husband has a dog, it is HIS dog. I told him I didn't care if he got it, as long as HE did all the work with it. He agreed. For awhile he took good care of the dog. Now he lives in the backyard surrounded by dog sh**, gets walked occasionally, and gets fed when my hubs wants to feed him, rather than when the dog needs to be fed.It drives me crazy, should I make him live in the frozen, poopy backyard with the dog?

Yours truly,

The Canine Crap Corporal

Dear Canine Crap Corporal:

Sounds like you have fallen for an ancient male deception: lying to get their way. Sounds to me like your husband, and maybe your dog, need a good obedience class. As a non-animal lover, I would find a new home for the neglected pooch. That way not only do you avoid a backyard full of pooch-poop, but you no longer have to deal with the aggravation of watching your husband not do what he committed to doing. The odds of changing your husband are slim to none, so it's a matter of acceptance (though that hardly seems fair to the doggy or you) or find a better home for your dog. Or find a better home for your husband and the poop-laden backyard might be the perfect relocation.

One final thought: explain to your husband that you'd be having more sex if he was picking up more crap. But don't make it sound like you're threatening him with sex (though you are) or withholding it on purpose (cause maybe you're just too tired most of the time). No, you have to make it sound less argumentative, something like this..."Honey, I really wish we were having more sex (try not to laugh), but I just can't stop thinking about your poor dog. Worrying about the dog just dries up my lady juices!" Or something like that.

Good luck!



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Anonymous said...

Worried about the dog dries up my lady juices just might work. Thanks Jurl.

Canine crap corporal