Monday, March 9, 2009

Clubbing Jurl

Husband has made a keen observation about the state of dance clubs in the 21st Century: they all have one word names like Wish, Pure, or Vibe. If you're ultra cool then you probably have one name like Madonna or Zoolander so it only makes sense that the single-monikered would flock to clubs with one word names. But, clubs with names like Blue seem almost too cool so while in Austin this weekend we came up with some club names of our own and their tag lines. Please to enjoy:

Sweat "Come smell the funk at Sweat!"

Turd "Come drop a deuce at Turd!"

Boil "Come drain the ooze at Boil!"

Snot "Come blow your nose at Snot!

Pubes "Come let your hair down at Pubes!"

Fart "Come ride the winds at Fart!"

Flu "Come catch the bug at Flu!"

Douche "Come flush it out at Douche!"

Anyway, you get the idea. I'm not sure we can get a small business loan in these harsh economic times, but man, if we could any one of these would surely be a hit with the in crowd. Yes?

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