Monday, August 2, 2010

Centsational Jurl

Jurls- I know I have been a delinquent blogger, but I'm trying to get back on the wagon as I have been re-inspired by, CG for short. If you like decorating, crafts, and DIY projects then you must check out her fabulous site. And she's funny, too, which coming from is a huge compliment!

As for other things in my world....I walked across a paradise bakery with my skirt ticked into my drawers till someone finally pointed it out. Why can't I feel the breeze? Why can't I learn a lesson and properly redress myself after going potty?
Speaking of potty, Jake is potty-training. That kid is a pee machine and a poop factory. When will I learn to stop putting him in the bathtub? When will he learn that warm water is not the signal for him to drop a deuce? When will I feel grown up enough to be the mother of two young children responsible for their every need and shaping of their little souls?

And it's really hot here in the Lone Star State. How hot you ask? It's so hot I took my bra off on the way home from Supertarget (whole 3 miles) because I couldn't stand its sweat-drenched constriction for one more second. Now, some ladies prefer that to having their boobs collapse against their chest thus causing more itinerant boob sweat, but when I'm burning up I have got to be free.

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer with minimal boob sweat.


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