Monday, August 2, 2010

Out of Synch Jurl

Well, jurls, little Jake has been diagnosed with Sensory Synchronization dysfunction, whatever the hell that is. Actually, I've had to read up on it and it's when your brain doesn't process sensory information corretly. Poor little guy. My mom's been saying all along something wasn't right with that kid, hence her nickname for him, "Forrest."

He has balance/spacial issues, problems with fine and gross motor skills, and perception issues. So what's a jurl to do with an out-of-synch Forrest Gump? Why, twice weekly occupational therapy, of course! That's right, twice a week, for an hour each time. Oh, and we were referred to the therapist for evaluation by our wonderful speech therapist who will also need to see him twice a week starting in the fall. She took one look at him and said, "hhmmm, he seems a little syncho" and sent us to get him checked out. Here are the behaviours she picked-up on:

1) He's loud. (I just think of us as the loud family- someones always screaming, crying, or cranking the T.V. up so you have to yell to be heard over all that noise)
2) He misbehaved even with her, a total stranger- screaming no, throwing toys, demanding candy. (I just thought he was an asshole and/or we were bad parents.)
3) He's clumsy, falls over a lot. (I just thought he took after me....maybe I have it.)
4) He walks on his tip toes. (so does his dad....maybe he has it!)
5) He's possessed by the Tasmanian devil. (I just thought this was the Lord's payback for all the trouble I caused my mother).

We are very grateful to our speech therapist for sending us to have little Forrest, I mean Jake, checked out. He has always been a little different, but when you come from a family of odd individuals how can you tell what's personality and what's a misfiring synapse?

So, if you have a kid that seems a little different give SID a little google and see if it fits. Though, sometimes it really is just personality or bad parenting.

He's pretty darn cute for a Gumpy.

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Anonymous said...

He's adorable!