Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hello Kitty Jurl

I am obsessed with all things Hello Kitty. Someone please explain this to me. Is it because everything is pink and white (often with sparkles)? I'm not a cat fan so that's not it. And I'm not a twelve year old Japanese girl so I don't know what my deal is, but every time I see an adorable Hello Kitty item I buy it...for my little girl of course. Sam has a Hello Kitty lunchbox, hair clips, lip gloss, nail polish, purse, and then some.

When I was a kid I don't remember HK being so darn cute. Maybe because she was red and white instead of pink. I don't know the answer, but I know that little feline has me hooked on all things Hello Kitty.

If I wasn't afraid of appearing insane or ridiculous I'd have a Hello Kitty ipod and a Hello Kitty ATM card. You can pretty much get anything you want in Hello Kitty- HK guitars, phones, press on nails, computer keyboards, condoms (I might have made this one up) and just about everything under the sun.

This is a truly embarrassing thing to admit, but my love for HK can no longer be silenced. That old black magic that she weaves has got me in her spell. Thank goodness I have a little girl.


AZMom said...

My daughter loves Hello Kitty and my sister loved it when we were kids. I think she is very cute!

A from A said...

I noticed for the first time today a grungy Jeep in my work parking garage. And yes, it has a Hello Kitty wheel cover on the spare attached to the back. Now I feel the need to camp out to see who gets in the darn thing.

Anonymous said...

Now I know what to buy you for your b-day.