Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Andrew Lloyd Jurl

Last night was Andrew Lloyd Webber night on A.I. First things first, Sir Andrew's head is at least three times too big for his strangely petite body. I find him a bit hard to look at, no offense to the big headed-small bodied people of the world.

Anyway, those poor kids were kind of a mess last night. I'm worried it's the end of the line for Brooke or Jason Castro tonight as Brooke flubbed the start of "You Must Love Me" and Jason chose a torch song made famous by a cat. Brooke and Jason were clearly out of their element and, I feel, unfairly persecuted for lacking a connection with Broadway musical numbers. I don't understand how they're supposed to be true to themselves (as the judges keep advising) while forced at gun point to sing show tunes! Where is the humanity?! People, this singing contest is serious business. Not something frivolous like the Democratic primaries!! This is American Idol!!

I'm calming down....

Anyway, nobody really blew the roof off the joint. Carly singing "Jesus Christ, Superstar" was one of the better performances and David Cook did a decent job with "The Music of the Night", but his soulful looks into the camera get on my nerves. Last week I dogged Cook for being over the top when he boo-hooed after performing, then someone told me that his cancer-ridden brother had been flown in by his home town to see Cook perform. Convenient reason to cry, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. So, David Cook, I forgive you for being weepy, but enough with the smarmy emoting all over the stage.

Syesha was quite good last night, but was a little pitchy. Of course, Scooter, I mean David Archuleta, did a nice job, but was more of the same. He did manage to keep his eyes open while crooning, thanks to Sir Bobble Head telling him it's hard to look at somebody singing with their eyes closed.

If I had to pick someone to get booted tonight it would be Syesha. that might not be entirely fair, because she has a very strong voice, but she fails to light my fire like Castro or befriend me like Brooke.

If only I was eligible for A.I.........


ATGAL said...

My thoughts from last night:

Andrew Lloyd Weber is awesome- what a huge catalog of wonderful songs! However, he is funny looking and has no dress sense (maroon corduroys!?!?!). I forgot how many of his songs I absolutely love, and I'm not even a musical fan. I'm not sure he liked any of the kids' versions of his songs, frankly. He seems like a purist- why in the world did he volunteer his catalog for a bunch of amateurs?

Snore-eesha- looked so pretty last night, but darn it, she tries and tries and just NEVER brings it. Its like she has the voice but no personality, or something??

JC Dreadz- will you mock me if I say I very honestly got chills during "Memory"? Probably just b/c of the song, but why did the judges pan him so bad, I thought he did a good job and really felt it. And NO FAIR criticizing him for this "not being his kind of music" and saying he'd be more belivable singing Jack Johnson, b/c the show MAKES them sing the designated songs during the designated week. He HAD to sing that kind of music!

Baby Davey- bleh. I am sick of him. And you could tell he was working hard not to close his eyes, per Lord ALW's advice, but he ended up just looking squinty the whole time.

Brookie- yikes. Not good, dawg. Starting and stopping was one thing, but then she just wasn't good. Madonna ROCKED that song in "Evita", gave me chills, but Brookie's version? Meh.

Carly- my fave performance of the night, had energy and was funky and how often do we get to hear JC Superstar these days? She did sound a little screamy at times, but overall I liked it. The gag with the "Simon Loves Me (This Week)" shirt, however, should have been punishable by lashing.

Cookie- liked it, but didn't love it. Didn't love anybody, actually, so he and Carly were my top two faves. Didn't like his final notes, but overall pretty good. And I LOVES ME some "Music of the Night".

Predicted bottom three- Brookie, Syesha, and (sniff) JC Dreadz. Voted off prediction- Snore-eesha (finally). I think we're getting into dangerous territory for my boy Dreadz, though….

Did you see Courtney and CoCo Cox in the audience enjoying the show? Adorable.

jurl said...

I always think I see someone famous in the audience...only to realize I'm spotting long dead celebrities so of course I missed the Cox.