Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Say It Ain't So, Jurl

Carly? Carly is kicked off the American Idol island? Are you freaking kidding me? Clearly, tonight's vote was based on America's distaste for tats (that's T-A-T not T-I-T, America loves tits). I think her tattoo sleeve and her husband, Tattoo Man, frightened middle America. Tattoos equal biker person, biker person equals hard drinker and possible drug addict, drunk druggie equals violent and aggressive, and a violent, aggressive, drunken, meth head equals murderer. No one wants a murderer to win A.I.

I'm with Atlgal, Snor-esha should have gotten the boot tonight. Alas, life isn't always fair. Innocent people sometimes go to jail, innocent women are saddled with the majority of the house work, and Carly got voted off A.I. Bummer.


ATLGAL said...

I was so bummed! I think Simon never liked Carly that much, and it hurt her. She is way better than Snore-eesha and, if I'm honest, probably better than my boyfriend JC Dreadz, too. I don't know why people don't like her- maybe you're right- the tattoo face hubby can't help, nor can the Amy Winehouse face tattoo on Carly's right shoulder (bizarre). But I LOVED her version of JC Superstar, esp. last night! Its getting to the point now that I'm nervous most every night and people I like are starting to get the axe (still haven't recovered from Mikey Johns' dismissal). I fear for my boy Dreadz next week... And lets face it, Brooke and Snore-eesha both have used up 8.75 of their 9 lives already... Don't you HATE the theme nights, don't you wish we could just let the kids sing what they like and what they are good at? Neil Diamond next week? Meh.

jurl said...

Yep, Carly was one of the better unjust. I too fear for Brooke and JC (that's Jason Castro, not Jesus Christ). and I may have to a whole blog entry on Neil Diamond....I had a ND experience when I was a wee girl.