Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earthy Jurl

It's Earth Day! In honor of the Earth I have decided to conserve energy by not watching television today. Wait, uh, tonight is Dancing with the Stars and American Idol......so that not watching T.V. is not gonna work out. How about this, I will save energy and water by not running the dishwasher! Except for once tonight because I'm not hand washing freaking bottles.

O.k, O.k. , I will still use less water today. Except for when it's bath time for Sam because I need those twenty minutes to do other stuff.

Man, this Earth Day thing is harder than it seems....... I got it! I will conserve energy by not having sex! I'll also be saving water because I'd for sure need a second shower. I feel just like Mother Earth.

Happy Earth Day!


da momma said...

i was passed on your site from a friend, they were right - you are hilarious! I look forward to more laughs! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I know how you can conserve energy, don't go to Super Target...you are saving gas and money!

Angie said...

I can get on board with these!!


Angie said...
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jurl said...

Awww...thanks. Back off the Super Target.

I hope everyone conserved energy by not having sex on Earth Day.